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Erik Šille- Happiness is Within Reach

PDF icon sille_kniha_dokumentacia.pdf10.66 MB

Edited by: Beata Jablonská
Texts: Beata Jablonská, Norbert Lacko
Translation: Mirko Pomichal, Anna Pomichalová
Design: Boris Meluš
Nuber of pages: 250
Published by: Krokus Galéria and Slovart Publishing
ISBN 978-80-970-810-6-5
price: 29€

Erik Šille - The Adventures of Jushi and Stillborn

Erik Šille – The Adventures of Junshi and Stillborn I.-IV., 2013,
serigraph on paper, edition 10 + 3 AP, 73 x 51cm

An exclusive limited edition of four serigraphs has been produced on the occasion of Erik Šilles exhibition Made in Japan at Krokus Gallery.

price 1. serigraph: 180 euro
price 4. serigraphs: 640 euro

Erik Šille – The Adventures of Junshi and Stillborn I.-IV., 2013,
serigraph on paper, edition 10 + 3 AP, 73 x 51cm
price 1. serigraph: 180 euro
price 4. serigraphs: 640 euro

Lucia Nimcová - Animal Imago

Animal Imago is Nimcova's fourth publication, this time around, departing from social and documentary topics, finding herself publishing a book for kids of all ages. The book is dealing with our relationship with animals and nature around us. Animal Imago comprises many approaches to the topic of animals, but also to the medium of photography itself. „In essence, it speaks to the idea that the reality of the world around us is never a given, it is something we have to create“ (Lucia Nimcová).

Lucia Nimcová - Animal Imago
Publisher: & cee photofund
hardcover, 24,5x35cm
28 pages
price: 10 euro

František Demeter - NO YES NO

František Demeter´s first catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition NO YES NO, witch was in Krokus Gallery 10. 9. - 24. 10. 2014. The name of this publication is No. Yes. No: From point zero to expanded painting. Demeter endorses the painterly tradition and the history of the easel picture, but at the same time he re-examines the established modes of working and searches for new scripts for his art.

ISBN 978 – 80 – 970810 – 4 – 1

Editor : Gabriela Kisová
Text by : Gabriela Kisová, Ján Kralovič, Matúš Demeter
Translation : Juliana Sokolová
Graphic design : Lucia Mlynčeková a Lenka Navrátilová
SK/ENG 34 p.

© Krokus Galéria 2016
price : 15 €

Jana Farmanová

The first monograph of the Slovak painter Jana Farmanová. With texts by Petr Vaňous, Eva Borušovičová, Mila Haugová and Ivana Moncoľová.

Graphic design by Jakub Hauskrecht

Editors: Jana Farmanová , Gabriela Kisová, Ivana Moncoľová
Language: Slovak and English translation
27 x 28 cm
ISBN: 978-80-970810-1-0
Published by Krokus Galéria and SLOVART Publishing House Ltd.
20 eur

Jana Farmanová - Under the Sign of Virgo

The book includes the selection of works by contemporary painter Jana Farmanová, divided into sections according to the technique used. There are watercolour paintings and drawings, followed by paintings. The focus is given to her watercolour paintings that have not been presented so far separately in such a large scale. The technique of watercolour painting that requires concentration, focus and speed, form the essence of Farmanová’s further artworks. Such a technique foregrounds the fleeting temporariness of everyday situations that she gradually develops and multiplies in representations and thus homogenises her own iconography. Published on the occasion of the solo exhibition at City Gallery Bratislava 2/5 - 4/5/2015.

Text: Ivana Moncoľová
Language: Slovak and English
Hardcover, 119 pages
27 x 20,7 cm
ISBN: 978-80-8150-099-2
Publisher: Artforum
Price: 20 euro

Lucia Dovičáková

First catalogue of the Slovak artist Lucia Dovičáková in Slovak and English language. Published 2011 for the exhibition Scary Vanity at Krokus Gallery.

Text by Gabriela Kisová
Grafic design: COFO
SK/ENG, 24 pages
softcover, 20x20cm
Krokus Galéria 2011

Erik Šille

We are delighted to publish Erik Šille´s first catalogue on the occasion of his current exhibition Noir Wellness. Apart from the latest works, you can find a selection of Šille's work after 2006, mapping his specific visual language. Text from Vladimír Beskid in a swift and catchy phrase diagnoses according to him “healthy and stabilised” painting programme of Šille, and offers iconographic keys to his interpretation. Norbert Lacko's text is dedicated to the background of Šille's painting in the context of changes of society and the media since the 90's in former Czechoslovakia, and characterises its fundamental themes.

ISBN 978-80-970810-0-3

Texts: Vladimír Beskid, Norbert Lacko
Translation: Katarína Müllerová
Graphic design: Pavlína Morháčová
SK / ENG, 60 p.
softcover, 21x15cm
© Krokus Galéria 2011
price 6 Euro

Tomáš Džadoň

Tomáš Džadoň´s first catalogue, which presents his artistic topics like the relationship between personal and collective history, tradition, memory, space and architecture.

ISBN 978-80-970857-8-0

Texts by Tomáš Džadoň, Palo Fabuš, Jiří Ševčík
Grafic design: Boris Meluš
SK / ENG, 44 p.
Softcover, 14,5 x 22cm
Tomáš Džadoň 2012

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Freedom square in Bratislava (Slovakia) is one of the last authentic spaces in the centre of the city proposed in socialism era. It stands out with its formal workmanship corresponding with time of its creation/design in 1970s and placing in 1979–80. Its current neglected state and out-of-order monumental fountain refl ect our inability to face our history of the socialism era. Point 0 brings to the square four temporary projects, which pro-actively react to its historical layers. Temporariness, impermanence, openness are terms by whitch we create a space, where on the background of socialist environment we are able to think about ourselves diff erently.

Authors: Pawel Althamer, Szabolcs KissPál, Krištof Kintera, Ilona Németh

ISBN: 978-80-970857-7-3

Editors: Tomáš Džadoň, Michal Moravčík
Texts by: Bohunka Koklesová, Daniel Grúň, Michal Moravčík
Grafic design: Ondrej Jób
SK / ENG, 60 p.
Softcover, 15 x 21cm
Publisher: Verejný podstavec o.z. / Public pedestal
Price: 6 euro

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