Krokus Gallery was founded in 2008, in the centre of Bratislava, very close to the presidential palace and just a few minutes' walk from the historic city centre and the Danube river.

During the nineties, the basement of the house was transformed into Gallery Gerulata, which was the first independent art project space created after the revolution in 1989, presenting mostly underground artists. We recently renovated the very same basement in 2013, giving us the opportunity to expand both in terms of space and ideas. Since then, we have held more group exhibitions and discussions. The two exhibition spaces have created a very interesting tension between the intimate space of the former apartment and the project space in the basement.

From the beginning we have profiled ourself as a private gallery, working very closely with the Slovak artists František Demeter, Lucia Dovičáková, Erik Sille, Rastislav Podoba, Lucia Nimcová, Svätopluk Mikyta, Tomáš Džadoň, but also often inviting other artists for specific projects (mostly from Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Romania, etc.). Our ambition was to become a trendsetting gallery for contemporary art, in a situation where any cooperation between artists, institutions, collectors, galleries and curators was almost non-existent. Our focus is mainly art from the younger generation. We prepare one or two independent profile exhibitions per year, international co-operations and we regularly invite curators to prepare projects for us. We exhibit photography, painting, objects, drawings and video work.  As well as so-called emerging artists, we also work with artists from the older generations who have been working since the beginning of the 1970s, mainly in the field of conceptual and action art such as Dezider Tóth and Peter Kalmus.

Nám. 1. mája 3 , Bratislava
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